Courses of study and combinations of subjects offered
The college provides (i) Two years Higher SecondĀ­ ary course and (ii) Three years Six Semester B.A. programme with following combination of subjects .
Higher Secondary Course : Compulsory Subjects : English(Core), MIL (Assamese) /Alternative English.
Elective Subjects : Economics, Pol.Science, Sociology, History, Advance Assamese, Education, Satriya Nritya, B. B.A. Programme (Semester System)
Compulsory Subjects -
Semester-I :
English, MIL(Assamese)/Alt. English
Semester-II :
English, MIL (Assamese)/ Alt. English
Semester-Ill: English (Only for Non
Major Course), Computer Skill/ Communication Skill.
Semester-IV: MIL (Assamese) I Alt.
English (Only for Non Major Course),Multi-DisciplinĀ­ ary, Env. Studies.
Major Programmes: Assamese, Economics, English,Political Science, History, Sociology and Education.
General Programmes: Economics, Political Science,Rural Development, Sociology, History and Education.

Career Oriented Course (Self-financing)
The following courses are introduced in the college to develop the aptitudes of the students in their extra-curricular aspects and vocational trade. The expenditure incurred in running such courses shall have to be borne by the students themselves.A student will be allowed to take any one of the following courses at a time, in addition to his/her regular course of study.

a. Certificate Course in Yoga
b. Certificate Course in Recitation
c. Certificate Course in Music
d. Certificate Course in Dance
e. Certificate Course in Personality Development & Leadership Training
f. Certificate Course in Physical Education

Distance Education
Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open university, Tingkhong College Study C e n t r e has been providing the following programmes since 201O.
(i) B.P.P. (Ii) B.A.
There is a well equipped Computer Lab with 25 Nos of computers sets. The interested of different classes can get computer education as per schedule

There are two digital classrooms for the students of BA programme. The digital classes are allotted to Major and Pass course of different subjects in daily routine.

The facility for Seminar and workshop with audio -visual system is available for the students


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