Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell was formed in IGG College, Tezu with effect from 08th of March, 2015. Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell is inclusive in nature and aims at providing assistance to the victims of sexual harassment or abuse (emotional, physical or otherwise). ASH Cell also proposes to organize and promulgate awareness programmes(yearly) on Anti-Sexual Harassment Laws/Acts and related incidences. This goodwill initiative was taken by the Government of India and similar directive has been adopted across Indian states. The growing incidence of sexual harassment/abuse is in the rise and higher educational institutions have faced cases of modesty outrage in recent years. The ASH Cell will thereby strive hard to eliminate such atrocities if ever prevails in this institution.

The Cell has organized a Sensitization cum Awareness Program on Sexual Harassment of Women at the Work Place Act 2013 and Human Trafficking Laws, on the 15th Oct, 2018.


Ms. Mikta Mansai – Coordinator
Mrs. Doirangsi Kri – Dy. Coordinator