A gist of the department :

The Education department has been a vital department of the Tingkhong college and it is a newly established department . A large number of students admitted every year in the education department. In the department honours courses was started from 2014 . Since then, a number of students have passed B.A with honours in education from this college and some students have been able to pursue university education, similarly a large number of students have graduated with education as a core (non honours) subject .

Departmental Mission:

  • Try to develop students all round development such as – physical, mental, emotional, intellectual etc. through education
  • Understand the relationship between students academic achievement and their emotional well-being.
  • Conduct research with students, educators and school communities to generate new knowledge and strategies that contribute to the field.
  • Teach and lead in a wide range of local, state, regional, national and international settings.
  • Recognize , race , ethnicity , class , gender , family and context shape human values and experience.
  • Create classroom environments that respect all students and meet the needs of all learners.


Each students focus on developing the quality aspect. It also focuses on how curriculum as well as other co- curricular aspect can move forward equally. So that they will be able to recruit themselves in future educational aspects as well as other aspects.

Plan of Action:

  • Commencement of online class
  • Project work
  • Practice teaching
  • Remedial classes
  • Departmental meetings
  • Students seminar and group discussion

Faculty Details:

Mrs. Sumitra Borah  

Assistant Professor

M. A. In Education.

Mrs. Trishna Chutia

Assistant Professor,

M. A. In Education.


Ms. Astha Borah

Assistant Professor

M. A. In Education


Mr. Saurav Jyoti Dutta

Assistant Professor

M. A. in Education






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