A gist of the Department:

The Department Of English was established in the year 1972.  The department started imparting education in the rural area of Tingkhong with Higher Secondary education. And Under Graduate Course was introduced in later years. At present the department offers choice base credit system under graduate programme with honours in English, along with the compulsory papers such Ability-Enhancement Compulsory Courses and Skill Enhancement Course. The department, ever since its inception has been imparting higher secondary education in the subjects of English and Alternative English.


Departmental Vision:

The department aims to cater to the needs of training in English as a medium of communication and as a global language essential for the students’ all-round academic and professional development. By offering the undergraduate B.A. in English Course, the department seeks to keep up with the equivalent colleges that have left their mark in the field of English Literary studies and sensitize students to the wider world of literature in an international language.


To transcend their knowledge of grammatical & compositional aptitude which would meet the needs of the dynamic career and professional demands? To impart the various technical skills of assessing and analyzing literature of different types and builds a sensibility of appreciating literature. To prepare the students of the locality for higher education in the concerned discipline and groom them for associated professions.

Plan of Actions:

  1. The department plans to conduct guest-faculty lectures/talks/seminars regularly in each semester.
  2. Plan to make educational trips each year.
  3. Plan to offer certificate courses on Spoken English and Academic Writing every year.
  4. Plan to start a departmental ISSN journal as soon as possible.
  5. Plan to create an e-book library and question banks for each semester.
  6. Plan to regularly engage students in viewing educational visual contents related to the course.

Faculty Details:

Mr. Rimpu Gogoi

Assistant Professor (Head of the Department)

M. A. in English,

NET, M. Phil

Pursuing PhD in Gauhati University


Mrs. Nawab Tabassum Yasmin

Assistant Professor

M. A. in English,


Pursuing PhD in Gauhati University


Mrs. Fatima Begum

Assistant Professor

M. A. in English


Mrs. Pickumoni Gogoi

Assistant Professor

M. A. in English






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