A gist 0f the department:

Tingkhong College was established in 1972. Tingkhong College is affiliated to Dibrugarh University. It has received Deficit grant in 1987. It is a co-educatiional Arts and Science College and Department of History has been an indispensable department of the college since 1982. A large number of students prefer History as one of the subject of their course every year. In the college honours course in History was started from 2005. Since then, a number of students have graduated with honours in History from this college and two students have got achievement as topper in BA final in the year 2014 and 2020 under Dibrugarh University. There are numbers of students has also got top thirty ranks in the BA final result under Dibrugarh University. Similarly, a large number of students have graduated with History as a subject in their honours and non-honours course.

Departmental Vision:

The vision of the Department of History is to provide academic excellence, historical exploration through the analytical observation and also try to provide a good understanding the main theme of the subject matter of history. Promotes critical thinking, analytical skills, and historical literacy among students, empowering them to engage with the past and understand its relevance to contemporary issues.



Plan of Action:

The Department of History’s action plan consists of a number of projects meant to fulfil its goals and aims. The department intends to get students involved in a variety of activities related to historical study. On the other hand, Tingkhong is a significant location in terms of history. The area is abundant of historical landmarks, such as tanks, historic roads, and maidums (burial valves), thus there is room for historical tourism to flourish and for students to be encouraged to conduct historical research on this area. Additionally, department will focus on more organize public lectures, workshops, and exhibitions that can be engage the broader community in historical thought.

Faculty Details:

Dr. Luhit Buragohain,

Assistant Professor (Head of the Department)

M. A. History



Ms. Bismita Bora,

Assistant Professor,

M. A. In History


Pursuing PhD in Assam University





UG Admission Notice 2024

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UG Admission Notice 2024 https://tingkhongcollege.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/Samarth-Admission-Notice-2024.pdf