A gist of the department:

Tingkhong College was established in 1972 which is affiliated to Dibrugarh University. It has received Deficit grant in 1987. It is a co-educational College having Arts and Science streams. Political Science Department has been an indispensible department of the college which was established in the 1972. A large number of students prefer political science as one of the subject of their course every year. In the college honours course in political science was started from 1972. Since then, a number of students have graduated with honours in political science from this college. Similarly, a large number of students have graduated with political science as a subject in their non-honours course.

Departmental Mission:

  1. To teach Indian Democratic values .
  2. To impart knowledge about Indian and Western Political Thinkers .
  3. To give information related to Indian Administrative system and International Politics .
  4. To create awareness among the students about Political Philosophy.


The Department of Political Science endeavors to generate to new knowledge of different aspect of Political Science. The department also impart knowledge of different aspect of Political Science to make them a good Citizen and to increase awareness .


Plan of Actions:

  1. It has plans of organizing national level seminar, lecture series etc.
  2. The Department is planning to organize a national level seminar basically based on the topic “Youth Empowerment and Human Rights”.
  3. The department has plans for creating a fund to help those students who are from weak financial background having Honours in Political Science.
  4. The Department plans to increase the number of books in the Departmental library.
  5. It has plans for collaboration with the department of Political Science of other nearby colleges for exchanging ideas.
  6. It has plans to organize awareness programmes in the villages nearby regarding different issues like voting awareness , gender issues, human rights, government policies etc.
  7. It has plans to offer Certificate Programme on Human rights, Mock Parliament and Voting awareness.

Faculty Details:


Mrs. Minoti Hazarika

Assistant Professor (Head of the Department)

M. A. In Political Science


Mr. Bhashkar Neog

Assistant Professor

M. A. In Political Science

M. Phill

Ms. Sukanya Baruah

Assistant Professor

M. A. In Political Science



Mr. Manab Gogoi

Assistant Professor

M. A. In Political Science







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