A gist of the department:

The department of Zoology, Tingkhong College was established in the year 2023 with some clear mission and forecited vision to promote and popularised Scientific thoughts and temperament in Tingkhong region.

Departmental Vision:

The department aspire to create vibrant and dynamic environment and promote the discovery, curiosity, innovation and broad knowledge about the biology of animals, evolution and their environments. The holistic development of the student and make them able to contribute effectively for their welfare and society, cutting-edge research and interdisciplinary collaboration in this dynamic era.

We envision a curriculum that integrates traditional knowledge with emerging fields, giving students the abilities and viewpoints necessary to tackle zoology’s present and future problems.

Ultimately, the Department of Zoology will be a catalyst for scientific advancement, education, and conservation, making the students capable to make meaningful contributions to the world around them and ensuring a sustainable future for all living organisms.



  • Our mission is to educate students for careers in research, education, conservation, and other fields by offering a thorough and demanding zoology education that is based on scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and ethical conduct.
  • We are dedicated to expanding our understanding of animal life via creative research, encouraging interdisciplinary partnerships, and supporting international initiatives for environmental sustainability and biodiversity protection.
  • Our goal is to develop knowledgeable and responsible citizens of the natural world by igniting a lifelong passion for zoology via exciting and hands-on learning opportunities, such as fieldwork, internships, and community engagement.

As stewards of scientific knowledge and advocates for the welfare of animals and their habitats, we are dedicated to promoting environmental awareness, ethical treatment of animals, and evidence-based decision-making in local, national, and global contexts

Plan of Action:

  • To give student the practical knowledge and exposure by visiting Animal park, dairy industry, Sericulture, fisheries, poultry forms, zoo etc
  • For academic exposure regular seminar and workshops are conducted.
  • To enhance the students with adequate practical knowledge and skill to make them productive for the society
  • To produce leadership in science and technology.
  • To create awareness about conservation of wildlife by ex situ and in situ techniques.
  • To develop the attitude of the students to concentrate on applied science aspects.
  • To develop research aptitude and scientific approach by empowering the students.

Faculty Details:

Mrs. Puja Sarmah

Assistant Professor (Head of the Department)

M. Sc. In Life Sciences, Dibrugarh University

Gold Medalist in the Department of Life Sciences (Zoology), 2017-19 Batch


Pursuing PhD in Dibrugarh University in Fish Biochemistry & Microbiology

Mr. Chandopal Saikia

Assistant Professor

M. Sc. In Life Sciences, Dibrugarh University


Pursuing PhD in Dibrugarh University in Fish Biology & Biochemistry