College Library :
The college has a well-stocked library with Text Books, Reference Books, Journals, Periodicals and Dailies.
 college library is open from 9.00 4.00 in all working days of the college . Book lending from the library is guided by the following rules.
No. of books issued to a student at a time­

H.S.Classes – 2 Books
B.A. Semester (Gen)  2 

B.A. Semester (Maj)  – 4 Books
i. A book is lent to students for 7 days only. Failure to return the book within the period the student will have to pay a fine of Rs. 1.50 per day for 15 days nd of Rs.5.00 per day thereafter. However on request, the librarian at his/her discretion may renew the issue of a book. But the book must be returned within one month from the date of its first
ii. Failure to return borrowed book within the month the library card of the student will be with­ drawn.
iii. In case of loss, damage or misuse of book a student will have to pay double value of the book.