Women’s Cell, IGGC, Tezu was established in 2013, in accordance with the Supreme Court ruling of 1997 on the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace.


“To make the Cell a unique platform for the development of students and its members by providing them opportunities to contribute towards the betterment of the society”

  • To Generate awareness on burning social issues such as sexual harassment, domestic violence, gender disparity and so, among the female students, women faculty and staff of the college.

  • To organize and promulgate sensitization programmes, workshops, seminars etc. in the college and nearby areas, so as to equip women with knowledge of their legal rights.

  • To educate, empower and devise preventive measures for the prevention of gender bias and harassment(sexual and other forms).

  • To observe the law on sexual harassment.

  • To strongly take up and address complaints from victims of harassment.

The Cell has organized number of awareness programmes on issues such as Domestic Violence, Sexual Harassment, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Women’s Health and Hygiene, Mental Health, Cancer Awareness and others.


Mrs. Shanti Linggi – Coordinator
Dr. Padmavati Ongong – Dy. Coordinator
Mrs. Doirangsi Kri – Member
Dr. Sulekha Bose – Member