Alumni Association


Tingkhong College Alumni Association is a registered association which has been contributing in financial and other support services. The association periodically organised alumni meet where the discussison about the various upcoming events and steps taken for the holistic development of the college took place. During the time of Golden Jubilee in 2022, the Alumni Association of the College donated the Golden Jubilee Floor namely ‘Xunali Bhawan’ which is in the second floor of the new RCC complex of the college. In that year, the alumni of the college donated a huge sum of arround Rs. 11,28,800/- for the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the college.

Other Support Services: Apart from financial contribution, alumni of Tingkhong College contributed in the holistic development of the college by extending academic supports and other services also. Few Alumni of the College engaged in providing classes to the students on a negligible amount of remuneration given by the college authority. Moreover, the Alumni Association of the college in association with the college authority had been celebrating “Rongali Bihu” in every year. Additionally, the various departments of the college have Book Banks, where the outgoing batches and other alumni of the respected department contributed their used or unused books in their departments.

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